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Reviews 211 - 252 of 791

"I just came back to Dr. Feinberg's office for the first time in 7 years. It's great to be back here, I love the environment and everyone is so friendly. I am so pleased at how my teeth came out. Seven years later and everything still looks perfect. I would recommend Dr. Feinberg to anyone I know of any age."

Review Verified on 12/22/2014
"Dr. Feinberg and his team always do a wonderful job. I am more than happy with the smile they have worked to give me over the years, and they are always so friendly and caring. I can't say enough good things about them and the work they do."

Review Verified on 12/22/2014
"This is the best orthodontist place ever! Everyone is so nice and funny! I love Dr.Feinberg!"

Review Verified on 12/16/2014
"Dr. Feinberg and staff are so friendly and welcoming. My orthodontic treatment was definitely shortened because of SureSmile technology and less painful! It has been years since I got my braces off and my teeth are still perfect! I'm so glad Dr. Feinberg is my orthodontist, he is certainly the best orthodontist ever. Thank you so much for everything!!!"

Review Verified on 12/15/2014
"My children having been going to Dr. Feinberg's office for the past 2 years. It has been a wonderful experience for them. Dr. Feinberg always welcomes them with a smile ; the staff is warm and welcoming as well. My children look forward to their appointments with Dr. Feinberg. Not only is the staff terrific, but their brand new office is lovely too. Both my children are still in the process of being treated, but we can already see the difference in their beautiful smiles! Thank you Dr. Feinberg & staff for the wonderful treatment! I would highly recommend Dr. Feinberg to anyone in need of an orthodontist!"

Review Verified on 12/9/2014
"Dr Feinberg, the orthodontists, and the assistants are wonderful people. They're experts at their job and their workplace is cozy. Each person there has a a wonderful personality and really lightens up the mood. When it comes to other appointments, I always grumble and complain about going there, but at Dr. Feinberg's, I always look forward to going there. The people there know how to lighten up the mood and I think of them as good friends instead of just doctors, assistants, etc. Overall, Dr Feinberg's is the perfect choice when it comes to orthodontists. I highly recommend him for anyone if they're looking for a person with his expertise."

Review Verified on 12/9/2014
"It's been great, my teeth look so much better. It went fast and everyone is so nice. I can't wait to get them off though. and I know with SureSmile it will be alot faster than any of my friends."

Review Verified on 12/4/2014
"All of my friends that had or have braces told me it would be horrible to get them on, but it was nowhere near horrible. In fact Dr. Feinberg and Eva made it really easy!! I can't wait to get them off and have a pretty smile!!"

Review Verified on 12/3/2014
"A great experience every step of the way! As a adult, I was pretty apprehensive about wearing braces. I decided to invest in my smile and now that my braces are off, I could not be happier with the result. Everyone in the office was helpful and so very nice. It was like meeting old friends at every appointment. Thank you Dr. Feinberg for the great experience and the care that you and your staff provide. You made me feel important and treated me like I was your only patient."

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
"I am very happy with my smile and I'm glad I came here to fix my teeth. I feel much more confident smiling now then I did before."

Review Verified on 11/21/2014
"We are always so very impressed how you never have to wait. The longest I have ever waited is maybe ten minutes. That is unheard of when you go for an appointment. The staff is extremely friendly. Dr. Feinberg always good to deal with."

Review Verified on 11/20/2014
"Dr. Feinberg is great! Not only the treatment great, but he even came to my house to adjust my bands when the office was closed due to the move. Now that's awesome!"
"The care Grace receives is excellent!"

Review Verified on 11/12/2014
"Dr. Feinberg and his staff are extremely professional and truly deserve 20 stars. Each time my son would go in for an appointment, I would pull up a chair next to him and chat with the staff. As busy as Dr. Feinberg was, he always found the time to say hello and talk to me as well as explain to my son everything he was having done on that visit. The bed-side manner of the entire staff was exceptional! My son never once complained about going. They are truly the best!"

Review Verified on 11/12/2014
"I have been a patient of Dr. Feinberg's since 2002. Dr. Feinberg is a phenomenal orthodontist who with his wonderful staff treats every patient with care and concern. I have had a number of orthodontic issues, including the need for jaw surgery. Dr. Feinberg has been there every step of the way, going as far as he could to straighten my teeth and then working and guiding my family to find the right doctor to perform my jaw surgery. Following my surgery, he is continuing to work on my teeth and I am now in the last stages of my orthodontic care. The staff is outstanding and dedicated to each patient and their care. Diane and Robyn in the front office always make you feel welcome and accommodate your schedule. Allison and Eva, the orthodontic assistants, exhibit the utmost professionalism; make you feel cared for and comfortable. They are all very dedicated to patient care and health! from Diane to each of the My family and I consider Dr. Feinberg to be a family member who we look forward to seeing at every appointment! You could not get better care than at Dr. Feinberg's practice."

Review Verified on 11/11/2014
"We have only praise for Dr. Feinberg and his office. Not only did he give our son straight teeth and a great smile, but he did it in the friendliest and most welcome atmosphere possible. Dr. Feinberg's entire staff was simply the best, all of them friendly, helpful, and accommodating, and it was reassuring to see the same faces greeting us visit after visit for the duration of our son's treatment. We highly recommend Dr. Feinberg and his practice, who made us feel not just like patients but family."

Review Verified on 11/11/2014
"Latest dental care technology. Very capable,caring professional staff;which makes you feel important."

Review Verified on 11/10/2014
"Over the last 25 years, five of our children have used your services. Beginning with Stephanie, who worked with your dad, then followed by Cece, Meshia, Chaz and DJ since you took over your dad's practice, our family has had the pleasure of working together. Each child's problems where evaluated and resolved appropriately. The children and I were always treated with respect and greeted with a friendly smile. Dr. Fienberg always asked about all the children even after they moved out of his care. Birthdays were recognized and when Cece had a heart procedure she was kindly remembered by your staff. Various contests were sponsored which everyone was encouraged to participate in, adding to the feeling of family and community within the practice. Determining how to manage our son's orthodontic issues was a difficult decision and Dr. Feinberg was open to looking at all aspects of his development not just dental to make the best decision for him. Thank you for all the years of professional service you have provided for our famiy."

Review Verified on 11/9/2014
"Dr. Mark and his staff are simply the best! Their expertise in their technical skills and clinical practice are without reproach. What is also of great appreciation is the kind and friendly feeling you have while in the office. It is truly an experience in Dr. Mark's cutting-edge orthodontic medicine with a Mom and Pop feel in your office care! Plus your teeth look marvelous!"

Review Verified on 11/9/2014
"Dr. Feinberg is wonderful, patient, kind and great with the kids. We are so happy to have found him for our girls. Their teeth are beautiful."

Review Verified on 11/7/2014
"Dr Feinberg is a orthodontist that is keeping up with technology and advancing orthodontics into the future. He and his staff are incredibly friendly. He is never to busy to pop his head out to greet a patient or family member. Very important to me and my family is that his office runs on time! We have been to another orthodontist and have seen the other side. It is not always good. More important than all of the nice things you experience in his office are the results. One of our kids has an amazing smile and the length of time the treatment was considerably shorter due to Dr Feinbergs methods and Suresmile. Our third child is just beginning treatment and I cannot wait to see the results. Dr Feinberg is patient with growing kids and will not initiate therapy until he feels it is necessary. I have and will continue to sing the praises of Dr Feinberg and his staff. Thank you for such great care."

Review Verified on 11/7/2014
"There is no words I can use to describe service Dr, Feinberg and his staff have provided to my four girls. It has been about ten years since my girls have been a patient of Dr. Feinberg, since his practice was in the town of Stratford. He stand by his work and it's worth it. What ever the issue you have with your mouth, he can correct it. I will recommend Dr. Feinberg to anyone to correct the issue with your teeth, you will definitely leave his office with a beautiful smile."

Review Verified on 11/8/2019
"Almost 50 years ago Dr. Feinberg’s father was my orthodontist, and when I was suffering as a senior citizen with a severe case of TMJ, who better to treat me than Mark Feinberg! In a little over a years time my beautiful smile is back, I am pain free and I got to experience the new technology and procedures that are used in this practice. Starting with the IPad sign in system in the waiting room, to the video arcade game room to the high tech diagnostic devices and computer assistance, this office screams in a very positive way...Welcome to the 21st century! What a huge difference from what I experienced in the 1960’s! Along with Mark, both Eva and Jamie are professional, competent dental assistants who make every visit pleasurable. Everyone, from the receptionists to Mark and his staff make going here a dream and not a nightmare!"

Review Verified on 10/24/2019
"Just got out of braces 2 weeks ago and I can't believe how they turned out! They look amazing and my teeth feel better than ever. Thanks to Dr. Feinberg and his staff I can now smile freely and comfortably. (Rememberer to always wear your bands and retainers ;)"

Review Verified on 10/9/2019
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"I am so grateful for my teeth thanks to everyone who helped and make my teeth look amazing! I can't wait to show off my new smile:)"

Review Verified on 9/17/2019
Facebook Verified
"Very friendly, always cares about every patient and tries to make the experience as quick as possible!!!"

Review Verified on 8/6/2019
Facebook Verified
"My teeth and smile are now perfect. This is the most amazing place for braces!!!"

Review Verified on 4/8/2019
"Dr. Feinberg and his team have always done an incredible job. Even after coming back over 10 years later for a bonded retainer repair they were just as friendly and professional as I had remembered. They continue to provide the best orthodontic services and I would recommend them time and time again."

Review Verified on 4/2/2019
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"They are the best people, and Dr Feinberg is great. They made sure I was okay and everything."

Review Verified on 3/9/2019
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"Everyone at Dr Feinberg's office was really nice, and made sure I was comfortable at all times. The technology the office uses is very cool and my smile now looks amazing. I am very thankful i!!!"

Review Verified on 10/2/2018
"Dr Feinberg & his team are so nice and professional, it was such a great experience for my daughter & whole family, the teeth look great now after 15 months! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 9/11/2018
Facebook Verified
"I had braces for two and a half years and the experience was great because the staff is really nice and they go through the process easily for me to understand."

Review Verified on 7/12/2018
"My experience with the braces at Dr. Feinberg's orthodontic practice was awesome! The staff are really really nice. My treatment was very quick-- in and out . And the Suresmile technology is so cool and really made my teeth perfectly straight and beautiful!"

Review Verified on 5/14/2018
"We are so happy with Matthew’s treatments at Dr. Feinberg’s office. Dr. Feinberg and his staff are amazing- caring, friendly and helpful. Thanks to Dr. Feinberg and his team Matthew has beautiful, straight teeth."

Review Verified on 5/11/2018
Facebook Verified
"All the staff are very nice. Dr. Feinberg is a great doctor."

Review Verified on 1/13/2018
"My teeth are so straight! Thank you so much! The staff is amazing and friendly! What a wonderful experience."

Review Verified on 11/20/2017
"I would definitely recommend coming to Dr. Feinberg's office for orthodontic care. The people who work here are incredibly nice and they really treat you like family. From the beginning to end my teeth and smile look fantastic thanks to the great care that I received."

Review Verified on 10/17/2017
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"Our experience with Dr. Feinberg and staff was informative and pleasant from the beginning to the end. Our daughter had a complex multi-step 3 year process. We knew from the beginning it would be long but not impossible. The end results were worth the perfect smile!"

Review Verified on 8/14/2017
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"Having braces was quite the experience. I was scared that I would look weird without braces, but I don't, and my teeth look amazing. Dr. Feinberg and the team at Feinberg Orthodontics has changed my life forever and I give them many thanks for that. I love my new teeth and it's all because of Mark Feinberg and the team! I can't stop flashing my smile!!"

Review Verified on 8/14/2017
"Getting braces couldn't have been better. People thing of getting braces as a horrible experience but here working with Dr. Feinberg and his staff I enjoyed and had fun through all of the process. The work environment very fun and happy and it really just makes the whole experience that much better. I have been coming here for 2 years now and I was always excited to come in and get my braces checked out because they make it fun. Thank you to everyone for making my braces experience the best it could be!"

Review Verified on 7/27/2017
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"I really liked my experience here everyone was super nice and always made me feel welcome. Dr.Feinberg is a really great orthodontist. My teeth look great."

Review Verified on 6/27/2017
"Throughout my many many years with Dr. Feinberg, I can confidently say I enjoyed every visit! People always asked me why I was excited to go to the orthodontist, and it was because when I walked in I knew I had nothing to worry about because I was in good hands and they always remembered who I was and what I was up to. Every day I get compliments on how nice my teeth are and I don't think they could get any better... they're perfect!! Thank you so much to everyone there, I will miss coming in every month, but I will be sure to visit!"

Review Verified on 6/9/2017
Reviews 211 - 252 of 791

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