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"The office always runs on time, or very close. No long waits, which is great! The staff is all very friendly and personable with all 3 of my kids, including my youngest who is not yet a patient."

Review Verified on 12/7/2014
"I felt comfortable everytime I came here and never didn't want to come. They did an awesome job on my teeth and I never felt happier. I know have a great smile that I love! :)"

Review Verified on 12/6/2014
"You guys were nice and welcoming since the first day I got here. And everytime I come here I feel comfortable and at home!"

Review Verified on 12/6/2014
"Mark Feinberg is the best orthodontist I have ever had they have been very courteous and on point since I started in middle school and gave me a great smile I highly recommend him for anyone!"

Review Verified on 12/6/2014
"I had two phase treatment, and Dr. Feinberg made it painless. My teeth are perfectly straight now, and i love how nice and fun everyone is here."

Review Verified on 12/4/2014
"I had a great experience getting my SureSmile wires, and I am very happy with them. Because of them, I can get my braces off faster!"

Review Verified on 12/3/2014
"It has been fine and today I got my SureSmile wires--very cool!"

Review Verified on 12/3/2014
"I was a patient a long time ago and now my children are patients. I couldn't be happier with the care I recieved and now my children. Dr Feinberg and staff are wonderful and wouldn't go any where else."

Review Verified on 12/2/2014
"Very professional practice. Every staff member always friendly and caring. Always very organized with appointments and any billing questions. Could not choose a better orthodontic practice. My two sons received excellent care with their whole orthodontic experience"

Review Verified on 11/26/2014
"My teeth look great after 20 years later. Thanks dr Fienberg!"

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
"I have had a great experience!! The staff is amazing!! I look forward to each of my visits!"

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
"Dr. Feinberg and his staff are excellent. My son's teeth were caved in and his bite was completely offline. He got his braces off last year and his teeth are perfectly straight. This is the best medical office I have ever been to, Dr. Feinberg is the best!"

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
"Both my sons have had their teeth turned to super smiles by Dr Feinberg! The staff and the doctor are excellent, friendly, knowledgeable and the best! Thanks for making Miles and Colin look and feel great!"

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
"My son Jonathan had braces a few years ago. His teeth came out beautifully and are STILL beautiful. The staff was always fantastic and so was Dr. Feinberg."

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
"It was very fun having my braces and it was a great experience."

Review Verified on 11/24/2014
"I was so happy to get my braces off. It felt ward to have no braces anymore, I was in 8th grade and I surprised my teacher Mr. Broad in he was so surprised that his face turned red and hugged with joy. I will never forget that day. Thank you everyone ox for everything! love by Melissa.F"

Review Verified on 11/24/2014
"I was a patient of Dr. Feinberg's when I was a child and now coming back as an adult for some minor movements. I must say he is one of he nicest doctors to deal with! The best part is Dr Feinberg rememberd me! After 20 years! The technology he uses to help his patients achieve there best smile possible is just truly amazing! Thank you Dr Feinberg and your amazing staff for making this such a great experience for me!"

Review Verified on 11/21/2014
"It can seem scary at first, but once you're surrounded by the friendly staff you will feel much better. You'll know that you're in safe hands. It is amazing how they work so hard to help our teeth and I totaly recommend him to everyone I know."
"Dr. Feinberg is awesome! I just got my braces off and my teeth look great- I'm so happy"
"My children and I met with Dr. Feinberg and his staff today for the first time. They were incredibly helpful and accommodating. They come highly recommended from several of our friends here in town. We are excited to start the next steps in this adventure of braces."

Review Verified on 11/10/2014
"In the beginning it was a bumpy start but I was assured that everything was going to be okay. There were times when it hurt a bit but now it really doesn't hurt at all. Since getting the lip bumper and my braces on I have, as well as my parents, noticed a big improvement in the lines of my teeth, they're more even now. But even though there are downs sides to getting braces like not being able to eat caramel, popcorn, and/ or chewing gum I am happy that my teeth are now in better shape so I won't have such a big problem later. Thank you Dr. Feinberg and all of your staff, because of you my teeth are in better shape and I am now better off."

Review Verified on 11/7/2014
"Great service"

Review Verified on 11/7/2014

Review Verified on 11/7/2014
Reviews 757 - 779 of 779

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